Sierra Cedars Community Services District

Map of Sierra Cedars

Sierra Cedars is a well established community of 233 homes and 23 undeveloped lots. Nestled among incense cedar trees at an elevation of around 5,700 feet, the community enjoys an average snowfall of around 11 feet per year.  The community is known for its beautiful forest, mountain cabin-like atmosphere, large lots, and tranquil surroundings.

The community of Sierra Cedars is governed by a Community Services District. Unique in the Shaver Lake area, the District is a public agency with a Board of Directors of five members. These Board members are elected to four year, staggered terms by the voters registered within the District.  The only requirement for eligibility of Board membership is to be a registered voter within the District.  The meetings of the board, by custom, are held at the residence of the President of the Board at 2:00 p.m., on the first Monday of every month.  The annual meeting is held on Labor Day (1st Monday in September) at 10:00 a.m. in the Shaver Lake Community Center.  These meetings are public and attendance is encouraged.

The District is responsible for three major services: road repair, water supply and snow removal.  The expenses for these services are covered by assessment of the property owners and collected for the District by Fresno County with your real estate tax.

The main roads (Bretz Mill, Black Oak, Hanging Branch, Smoke Tree Lane, Blue Meadow Lane, Rockledge, and Saddleback) in the sub-division are county roads and are maintained by the county.  All county roads are subject to all the laws of the land, and the Highway Patrol and Sheriff patrol them. Snowmobiles, unlicensed dirt bikes, and other unauthorized motor vehicles are prohibited on county roads, SCCSD roads, and open land within Sierra Cedars.  All others roads are private roads and are maintained by the District.

The water system is owned by the district. Maintenance and supply are the responsibility of the District.

Snow removal is provided to all roads (county and private roads) in the subdivision.  This does not include driveway and private parking areas.  The winter-time temperatures and snow can also be the most frequent cause of trouble to the unwary or unprepared homeowner or renter. Parking is restricted to one side of the main roads from May through November to accommodate snow removal.